Double-Exposure Photo Project with Matthew Hunt

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A few months ago (during Lent, to be specific), my friend Matthew Hunt and I collaborated on a double-exposure photography project.

If you’re not familiar with the double-exposure process, it works like this:

  • We each shoot a roll of 35mm film independently
  • We rewind the rolls and mail them to each other (Matt lives in PA, I live in Ohio)
  • We each shoot the other roll, creating two full rolls of layered photographs
  • We have the film developed and make joint decisions on where to crop the results (Because this is film we’re talking about here, the frames didn’t always line up exactly)

Some people doing similar projects have set themes or let their partner know what is on their roll. But for this project, we had no idea of what existed in each other’s shots until we got the developed rolls back.

The resulting images had a lot of fun¬†synchronicity and contrast (as well as some unintelligible frames that didn’t make the cut, naturally). You can see all our final images here. Below are some of my favorites from the series.


Lent 2015: Untitled #2


Lent 2015: Untitled #5


Lent 2015: Untitled #10

Lent 2015: Untitled #12

Lent 2015: Untitled #12


Lent 2015: Untitled #15


Lent 2015: Untitled #19


Thanks again, Matt, for inviting me to be a part of the project!

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