Photo by Charlene Sullivan

Hi! I’m an illustrator and designer living in Kent, Ohio.  My work has been published or featured by the Pittsburgh Pirates, ESPN.com, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Harvard University Press, The Chris Gethard Show, Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Triennial, the best-selling anthology Machine of Death, and many other places.

I’m currently specializing in illustrations of homes, businesses, stadiums, and other buildings for gifts or professional use. This includes both line art drawings suitable for letterhead or holiday cards, as well as larger full-color paintings that are perfect for displaying in homes, offices, etc. I also have experience with figure drawing for sports and science-fiction illustration.

If I’m not at my desk or drawing table, you’ll typically find me watching baseball, playing bar trivia, eating tacos, or (ideally) some amazing combination of those three. I’ve got two great cats and a husband who is totally even better than the cats.

For information on hiring me for illustration work or to commission a painting, please contact me. To inquire about design work, please contact my employer, Prime Design Solutions.