Studio Tour!

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Matt and I moved into our house about a year and a half ago. As soon as we closed (and honestly, as soon as we first looked at the house), I had been planning the design of the room I claimed as my studio. It was one of the first rooms painted, the first with […]

Double-Exposure Photo Project with Matthew Hunt

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A few months ago (during Lent, to be specific), my friend Matthew Hunt and I collaborated on a double-exposure¬†photography project. If you’re not familiar with the double-exposure process, it works like this: We each shoot a roll of 35mm film independently We rewind the rolls and mail them to each other (Matt lives in PA, […]

New Year, New Site!

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As I settle into a new house and a new year, I figure a new site might be a good idea as well! Finally setting up a WordPress version of my site should make it easier¬†for me to keep everything here updated and current – something I could not honestly say for the previous incarnations […]